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   Dr. Yousif Farag, DC

    Clinical Director, Doctor of Chiropractic, Certified Network Spinal Analysis Provider

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After graduating with a Masters of Chiropractic from Macquarie University in 2006, Dr. Farag went on to become one of the highest certified chiropractors in Network Spinal Analysis, a light touch technique.

Dr. Farag specializes in areas of chronic pain, fibromyalgia, pediatrics, and general wellness care. He blends his depth of knowledge of the human body, consciousness, and healing with a warm and dynamic style of practice through the use of Network Spinal Analysis. His unique skill set allows him to marry NSA with traditional chiropractic modalities for optimum patient benefit.

He is an active member of the Ontario College of Chiropractors, the Ontario Chiropractic Association, the Canadian Chiropractic Association, the Alberta College and Association of Chiropractors, the Canadian Chiropractic Protective Association, and the Association for Reorganizational Healing Practice.